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Diversify your business and increase the rentability with additional revenue sources.
Act preventively over your clients

Your customers will feel more secure and supported through qualified, accessible, trustworthy and efficient diagnostics.


With new solutions and services, guarantee not only new points of contact to improve the health of your clients, like new means of loyalty.
With the use of new solutions and services, you’ll be able to guarantee not only new points of contact to improve the health of its customers, but also new means of loyalty

Have a closer connection

Just as you would care for your clients, our team also accompanies solutions implementation in your pharmacy.
As you take care of your customers, our team also monitors the implementation of solutions in your pharmacy.

The pharmaceutical business decayed 23%


The pharmaceutical industry decreased 23%

The most recent data prove that during COVID-19, the pharmaceutical business decayed about 23%. With that, we created synergetic solutions for your pharmacy to recover these losses.

These specifically created solutions for pharmacies include software and specialized platform, access to hearing kiosks and Evollu promoters for monitoring and carrying out screenings.

With this, in addition to boosting your business, nurtures and accompanies each of its users, facilitating their access to a better quality of life.

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