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Find out how we use technology to get closer to your users, increasing the frequency of visits and contact with your team.

Get to know, below, what areas we operate.

Serviço Visão - Evollu
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Offer eye exams to your customers in a matter of minutes, creating an extension of services in your pharmacy. Establish and maintain a relationship with them.


Get fast and reliable hearing screenings. Your clients will know the status of their hearing and discuss additional services.

Serviço Senior care - Evollu
Senior Care

Track your patient outside your pharmacy. Find out how their health is progressing, if it needs any special support, and monitor the most important health indicators.

Serviço Composição corporal - Evollu
Icon Composição Corporal Serviços Evollu
Body Composition

Understand how the body composition of your users is evolving, what kind of support they need to be more confident and present them with solutions that grow your business.

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Evollu Platform

Care for your user in one place

The centralized integration in the Evollu Platform reinforces the health service with a global vision of its users’ data, creating a unique experience and relationship.

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