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Out of 160,000 people diagnosed with visual impairment in Portugal, half have a declared hearing impairment. What if we told you that you might have additional income for your business?
The same target audience

50% of people diagnosed with visual impairment in Portugal have a declared hearing impairment.

Evollu Platform

Our Platform allows registering contacts, consultation requests and scheduling users for the screening day. Agile and hassle-free.

Free service

The service is completely free for the patient and the focus is on hearing prevention and rehabilitation.
Trust as the basis of care.

Prevention and counselling

Prevention and counselling are essential for auditory rehabilitation but, above all, to alert patients to an often-overlooked health issue.

For this reason, we have created solutions that provide specialized software and platform, access to hearing kiosks and Evollu promoters in monitoring and carrying out free screenings.

Streamline your business, take care of and accompany each of your users, facilitating their access to a better quality of life.

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