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Hearing is one of the most important human senses, playing a fundamental role in language learning, cognitive development and social integration of children from the moment they are born. With this idea in mind, we created the RANU (UNHS) platform.
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Hearing screening programme

Hearing screening programme

The implementation of a hearing screening program is in itself very important, if not fundamental and a priority. However, its performance is of little value if there is no adequate referral of the child who does not successfully pass the hearing screening. This referral should follow the early diagnosis phase and, later, an appropriate intervention when necessary.

Early deafness diagnosis

Created under the seal of the Portuguese Society of Paediatrics and within the scope of the development of a national health policy that prioritizes the early diagnosis of deafness and its intervention, GRISI (Group for Screening and Intervention of Child Deafness) brings together renowned professionals in the area and, in Portuguese Paediatric Record 0873-9781/07/38-5/209 gathers the Recommendations for the UNHS.

Early deafness diagnosis

Universal RANU programme

Universal RANU programme

Most maternity hospitals implement UNHS programs, with coverage rates of 90%, carried out essentially by Audiologists and normally uses Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) technology. Therefore, there is no National centralized management of the data obtained by each maternity hospital, and there are still great difficulties in the timely intervention of the auditory rehabilitation process in the younger age groups.

RANU Platform

Attentive to health in general and aiming to help fill these gaps, we developed the RANU by Evollu platform, with the maximum aim of centralizing the Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening, allowing access to all health professionals involved in monitoring the child’s development, benefiting their own, families and, consequently, society.

RANU Platform

RANU platform objectives

Enabling, in an easy and integrated way, the simple recording of the results of the exams that allow the evaluation of the newborn’s hearing – Universal Neonatal Auditory Screening.

Provide a digital service from the RANU platform, which was developed to serve the requirements and processes suggested by healthcare professionals who perform the RANU.

Exam information in real-time to all specialists involved in the process of monitoring the child during the first years of his life (example: Audiologist, Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT), Paediatrician, Psychologist, Parents, among others).

To present statistical data and indicators at a national level that today do not exist outside this platform.
And contribute to timely prevention in the hearing rehabilitation process, in the younger age groups.

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Success example

In Portugal, Hospital Garcia da Horta is an example, as is this is the first hospital to implement RANU by Evollu, whose percentage of tests performed has already reached 99% in every 5,000 births.

RANU – Universal neonatal hearing screening (UNHS)

Evollu, as a reference company in the field of audiology, verified the relevance and impact that the creation of an integrated and democratized RANU platform for newborns in Portugal would have, thus being able to record, monitor and make available all the exams performed.

In collaboration with the Health services of Public and Private entities and several health professionals in the area, Evollu developed a RANU registry platform that will serve as a database at the national level.

Health professionals and parents of newborns can consult, in real-time, the result obtained from the RANU exam performed.

RANU - Universal neonatal hearing screening (UNHS)

Platform advantages:

Registration of national RANU information and available to all health professionals involved in the process

All information in real-time

Presentation of statistical data of RANU in real-time

Online exam results inquiry

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